Weathersafe Hire Shades


With extensive experience in design and construction, Weathersafe have developed a cost effective, short term hire solution that provides an attractive crowd shade solution. Weathersafe Hire shades massive areas without restricting visibility from underneath the structure and allowing cool air flow – perfect for Australia’s hot summers.

  • Shade massive areas cost effectively
  • Stylish contemporary shade sails look attractive and allow more breeze than traditional marquees
  • 8m x 8m modules are expandable in any direction
  • Fast installation and removal time
  • Product is fully engineered and certified

The Weathersafe Hire portable shade system is the first of its kind in the world. Available in expandable 64sqm modules (8m x 8m), these modular systems can be adapted and expanded infinitely to provide cool shade for any event, large or small. These unique shade sail structures are facilitated by a unique footing system that is 100% removed after its use, leaving no footprint or damage and requiring no sand, water or guy ropes for ballast. The weathersafe system is not only more attractive than a marquee, it is far cooler and can handle winds up to 120 km per hour.

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